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We're able to stay afloat and do what we love because of generous donors like you! Please support us in our mission to shape the next generation of social justice leaders.

A lot of companies offer donation matching! Sometimes this can go as far as double, or tripling your donation!

An easy way to check can be via your company's website, or using the search tool at

Where your money goes

Support day-to-day operations like 

office supplies, speaker fees and snacks (high school students get really hungry)

Providing financial assistance to students as needed, such as testing and college application fees

Funding community development projects and teambuilding events

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We can't get there alone

We are a small team with a bold vision. It takes a village to help shape the lives of emerging leaders. We are grateful for anything you can donate or provide to support our mission.

Partner or Sponsor


We're fortunate to be supported by the San Francisco community and other generous partners. We are always open to discuss potential partnership and sponsorship opportunities to join forces and amplify our messages.

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