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Director of Social Justice

Volunteering with AAMPLIFY is a unique and enriching opportunity to impact the Asian American community and help empower a new wave of leaders committed to justice. We are looking for passionate and qualified individuals to join our team of incredible volunteers. We are excited to get to know you.


About the Role

The Director of Social Justice will be responsible for overseeing and managing AAMPLIFY’s social justice programming, including social justice-related workshops during the Social Justice Leadership Program and events during the school year. The Director of Social Justice will build upon AAMPLIFY’s existing social justice curriculum, which focuses on building students’ organizing and advocacy skills, knowledge of Asian American history and community issues, critical consciousness, and identity development. In addition to overseeing and updating curriculum, the Director of Social Justice will secure guest presenters for social justice workshops and may facilitate workshops themselves.


The Director of Social Justice will additionally spearhead initiatives to connect students with existing community organizations and/or projects and will stay abreast of opportunities for students to continue their community engagement and activism after the Social Justice Leadership Program has ended.


The Director of Social Justice will share these responsibilities as one of two co-Directors of Social Justice. 


If you are passionate about social justice and the Asian American community and enjoy creating opportunities for youth to think critically about their identities and the society we live in, this role is for you.


This role is a one-year commitment of 10-15 hours per month, including attendance at biweekly board meetings. Applicants based in and/or having connections to the Bay Area are preferred. All applicants will be considered until the position is filled. 


To Apply

To apply, please submit your resume and 1-2 paragraphs describing your interest in joining and your experiences, personal or professional, that make you a good fit for the role to

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